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The Importance To RSVP

Picture this: You have spent months pouring so much time, effort + money prepping for your wedding day. A day that will soon become your favorite day, ever.

You’ve counted + recounted the amount of rentals you’ll need (linens, chargers, glassware, flatware, napkins, etc.), perfectly curating a seating chart to keep your aunt away from the family member she can’t stand, how much food + drinks to wine and dine your guests + the amount of servers to make your day one that will never be forgotten… Except by the guests that RSVP’ed and didn’t show up, which ruins the perfectly curated seating chart that you had custom made on Etsy + ordered weeks ago (when your RSVP deadline was).

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All of the hard work you put into the planning process to make the day of your dreams for guests that didn’t RSVP and weren’t accounted for in the food/drink total + now they won’t have any plateware, glassware or flatware to eat with. Insert eye roll! Trust me, as your greatest advocates for your wedding, we’re frustrated for you!

The Effects Of Being The “Non-RSVPer”

If you feel led to, go ahead + forward this blog to the guests you’ve been trying to get an RSVP from so they can be aware of the effects it can have on a wedding day!

Here are some possible scenarios that may occur:

  • If you have assigned seating for your guest count (aka all the guests that confirmed they would attend), then you will now have to squeeze the surprise guests into a table causing it to become crowded and leaving the other guests at the table in an inconvenient situation.

  • There will not be enough rental items, therefore, there is a chance that a guest may not have a plate or fork to eat with.

  • There may not be enough food/drinks for the guest count in attendance that did RSVP.

  • Puts stress on the caterer + bartender.

  • It puts a halt in the planner’s timeline because they will now have to find a place for you (after asking a family member of the couple where to place you). This takes us away from the task at hand to best serve our couple!

  • Most importantly, it may cause our perfect, happy couple to be stressed on their most important day (not if you hire us though because you won’t find out about it until after your wedding when a family member tells you)!

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The Effects Of Being The “RSVPer” That Didn’t Show Up

Once again, if you’re feeling petty, you can forward this to the guest that RSVP’ed + didn’t show up!

Here are some possible scenarios that may occur:

  • The couple is expecting you to be there + are excited that you were going to celebrate with them. You let them down when they don’t see you :(

  • They paid in advance for you to be there + don’t receive a refund on food, drinks + rentals not used.

  • The seating chart that they spent time, effort + money on is no longer able to be used.

They understand if something comes up! If you aren’t going to show up, it is polite to let them know as soon as possible!

Another Important Thing To Note

It is SO important to RSVP on time. There are certain deadlines that the couple has to meet for certain vendors, such as the catering staff, bartending staff, rental company, venue + the planners/coordinators.

In Conclusion

So, whenever you see that invitation come through in the mail, be courteous to the engaged couple that wants you there on their special day! Reply right away!

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Poppy + Prim Co-Owners, Ashlyn + Moriah

In the end, Poppy + Prim can handle any scenario thrown our way on your wedding day! As experienced, expert planners, we can handle any situation with grace (+ without our couple knowing) to ensure a stress free day!


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